Audra Joins Vocal Coach Kati Hendricks For Masterclass Series

Kati is one of the top vocal coaches involved in artist development! She has coached some of the top artists in the industry over the years. Her approach to each client is tailor-made for that particular artist, earning her a reputation as being one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Her special technique and her instincts in vocal conditioning, strengthening, and rehabilitation, have proven to be life-changing in the careers of her clients.

The Masterclass will focus on:


in singing in any key, without a break in your voice


for keeping your voice healthy and strong

Correct Placement

and breathing techniques

Proper Voice Training

for a 4-5 octave range

Coloration Of The Voice

And More!

“I met Kati Hendricks 2 years ago…I had a big show coming up and I was so nervous about the show because lots of industry people were attending. Kati started working with me right away… I would have never got through that show if it wasn’t for Kati. She has been a life saver in my life and a continuous blessing. My voice is even stronger than it EVER was and I am hitting notes that I could never hit prior to working with Kati! Her technique is one of a kind and it has truly saved my voice.  Thank you so much Kati for changing my life! Love you always!” 

-Audra McLaughlin